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K-World fetish


If we read an entertainment magazines recently, there are a lot of K-POP news and articles being it the local Malay entertainment mags such as HAI, Utopia, or the English ones like Galaxie and of course a magazine that feeds the addiction of the K-POP’s lovers in Malaysia, the ‘Epop’ magazine. I also read this kind of magazine just to satisfy my obsession towards K-POP artistes even though the language used is horrible and funny! I bet all the BM teachers will cry their heart out and faint if they read this mags (Hahaha)...erm, the point that I’m trying to write here is that how I can bear with the bad use of Malay Language written in the mags with its’ funny and awkward phrases and LOTS of spelling errors...I, the person who is very particular with language use, grammar and structures can BEAR all those eye sores just because of the contents presented in it are more appealing to me than those errors...imagine, that is the level of my fetish towards the K-POP world...unbelievable and unstoppable; those are the only words that can describe the phenomenon of K-POP wave that had affected me, my housemate and some of my students (ngee..I have company!)...the Hallyu wave is just like a plague in today’s Asia entertainment industry and it certainly is like a virus that is very difficult to cure in me..

winter sonata - the drama that started it all..

It all started with the first and foremost K-Drama in 2002 entitled “Winter Sonata”, produced by KBS. Bae Yong Jun (as Kang Jung Sang) and Choi Ji Woo (as Yoo Jin), were the main leads...they were so gorgeous that it dropped my jaw (literally) watching them acting the lovely scenes in the, their acting skill was so convincing that it felt real to the audience...I cried so many times throughout the drama...and the bonus is the OST of it are so touching...I was only 18 at that time...and I remembered me roaming the shops at Kota Raya and Petaling Street just to buy the VCD box set and the soundtrack... and it was so costly at that time, priced at RM 99.90 per box set and another RM 19.90 for the soundtrack...half of my monthly allowance was gone just like that...

all about eve - the all time favourite

MY Girl - the one I used to be hooked in front of my lappy

dalja & taebong - the one that rekindled everything...

After “Winter Sonata”, there were a few other interesting dramas that hooked me up in front of the idiot box almost everyday...”All About Eve” (this is my all time favourite!), “Hotelier”, “Autumn In My Heart” “Stairway to Heaven” etc...then, the addiction stopped for a while after I went abroad until “My Girl”, “Full House” and “My Lovely Samsoon” came continued for a year but after I started my career in SBPISB, I was too busy with my new world that I lost the passion for a while...even during the fever of “Boys Over Flower” that took over the whole Asia in 2009, I wasn’t really aware about it...until my colleagues Kak Mas & Kak Norah suggested that I watch “Dalja’s Spring” in the middle of 2010 followed by “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” and “Fugitive; Plan B” with hunky Rain and in it...these two dramas were aired in October 2010. Even though I don’t really like the action-spy story like the Fugitive; Plan B, but I figured out that K-Dramas have evolved a lot in their storylines...It has become more international, more does not really focus on love anymore... Lots of new elements have been induced such as humour and sophistication...however...there is no more portrayal of innocent and pure love... some of them are even more bold with obscene and elaborate kissing scenes...

definitely, the historical fave =)

All in all, the K-Dramas are still enjoyable to watch...I still cry and I still feel the feeling of being stab right through my heart when it comes to sad scenes...and I believe that the addiction will continue so long as they produce good dramas...

--- To be continued --

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