Tuesday, September 1, 2015

"Meet them among others"

This is me, writing my feelings publicly since I am quite melancholic at the moment...

I can't seem to contain my bittersweet emotions because of this honey-bee couple that really steals my attention... 

The We Got Married "Gong-Lee" couple  Lee Jong Hyun (of CN Blue) and actress Gong Seung Yeon..it feels weird that I wish that they would end up together in real life and love bravely and generously despite all the crazy, delusional fans that don't want them to be real...err.. am I among those delusional fans? LOL! Strange enough, I wish all these for them when they are total strangers...why, I should be praying these things to happen for me instead, right? Since I am single, available and unattached to anyone romantically..as if my love cells have already died long time ago, since I'm not interested in anyone at the moment...but I seriously want these for them...Hahaha...

and here..this is them, sweet, aren't they? :)


And..here is the song that reflects them which I am currently listening repetitively on my playlist...

The original title of the song would be "meet him among them' 그 중에 그대를-만나 by Lee Sun Hee ... but I'll change it to "Meet them among others"

그렇게 대단한 운명까진
바란적 없다 생각했는데
그대 하나 떠나간 내 하룬 이제
운명이 아님 채울 수 없소

별처럼 수 많은 사람들 그 중에 그대를 만나
꿈을 꾸듯 서롤 알아보고
주는 것 만으로 벅찼던 내가 또 사랑을 받고
그 모든건 기적이었음을

그렇게 어른이 되었다고
자신한 내가 어제같은데
그대라는 인연을 놓지 못하는
내 모습, 어린아이가 됐소

나를 꽃처럼 불러주던 그대 입술에 핀 내 이름
이제 수많은 이름들 그 중에 하나되고
오~ 그대의 이유였던 나의 모든 것도 그저 그렇게

별처럼 수 많은 사람들 그 중에 서로를 만나
사랑하고 다시 멀어지고
억겁의 시간이 지나도 어쩌면 또다시 만나
우리 사랑 운명이었다면
내가 너의 기적이었다면

Meet Him Among Them

I never wished for fate
to bring us so close
Now that you're gone
my days are useless
Of all the people, I met you
It was like a dream
And the love I got from you
It was like a miracle
I thought I was ready
I was sure I'd be fine
But look where I am
I can't let you go
Of all the people, I met you
It was like a dream
And the love I got from you
It was like a miracle
You used to call my name
with the sweetest voice I know
But now I'm just another face
And everything I have
means nothing to me
Of all the people, we met
but we parted ways
Maybe we'll meet again someday
if we were meant to be
It'll be a miracle

They departed from the show already...and that's among the reasons why I'm having this withdrawal syndrome...be strong, heart...brave this phase and everything will be back to normal soon, hopefully...

Be happy to both of you, Jong Hyun & Seng Yeon...may this photo will be a reality some years ahead..oh, my shipper's heart and delusional mind :)

the wise one

an ordinary teacher teaches.. a good teacher demonstrates.. a great teacher inspires..

the world is like a book...those who don't travel read only one page..
~~St. Augustine ~~