Friday, February 26, 2010

feeling of caca-marba

salam...(the new beginning to be a good muslim..hopefully..=)

Selamat Menyambut Maulidur Rasul to all..(selawat ke atas baginda)

huwaaa..(crying sign..err..figuratively speaking)..

while others are enjoying their long weekend with beloved family (3 days weekend...huuu..), i have to stay at the hostel, taking care of the students who refuse to go home for the weekend..i'm on duty this week (it is "balik pilihan" & there are only 12 girls left)

i would be lying to the grave if i say that i didn't grumble when i heard that there would be only 12 girls left in the hostel for the weekend...i protetsted the number (it is very small amount..) i felt that my time here would be wasted and not worth it...

as usual..i GRUMBLED, COMPLAINT and became the point that i thought that i would scold these students for making me stay...(luckily, i didn't..actually, i don't have the heart to do so, seeing their pitiful faces, looking so innocent & so pathetics..), three of them requested to go for outing at Sg. Besar..their resons - to buy things for 3K beautify their dorms for the competition that will take place next Saturday (06/03/2010) for there will be hostel's open day a.k.a festival (HARI TERBUKA ASRAMA)...what is funny was they handed a letter to me to have this request (they put it under the door at my house..hehe.. takut sangat kat warden dia agaknya).. tested my patience...i was so lazy today..i only thought about watching TV and finishing the task of marking paper Ujian Selaras 1...alas, after thinking thoroughly, at last, i gave in..poor them..they must be desperate to buy all those things..and i took them for shopping at Sg. Besar...what had TOUCHED me was, they bought me "Air Jambu Special" as a way to thank me..(according to Ilham)..HOW the end, i ended up treating them for food - we ate at Restoran Sri Kassim (they had roti tisu & i had plain roti canai)...

somehow, i realise that to be a MILLIONAIRE is NOT easy...i had to sacrifice a lot of things...things that I love most - [i.e. going back to my hometown to be with my family]...and it would be a BIG LIE if I say that it was OK to stay here while other people are having great time with their family while i am here - with 12 girls as my companion...

TERKILAN - that was what i felt at first because i am missing my mom and my tok at 'kampung' already...truthfully, I MISS THEM A LOT..i planned to visit them this weekend before making a trip abroad next week..but, Allah has another plan stored for me..but now, i am 'redha' for is my duty & responsibility after all..and it is because I want to be the patient person who would be a MILLIONAIRE someday..insyaallah..


enough of that, now i want to talk about my recent activity:

i have been reading a few blogs that i found really capture my interest - i love the way the authors are writing their entries...they have vast knowledge of many things, they sound sincere & they appear genuine...and their writing is intriguing...and somehow, they touch me with their words...they make me feel challenged (not in the sense to be the great writer like them) but i feel challenged in the sense of trying to improve myself to be a better person...

how do i describe what i feel? is only can be felt, but not to be i sound crazy? whatever..

need something refreshing? you might want to check out these blogs:

Haruman Mawar -
Sejernih Air Yang Mengalir -

may we all get something from READING from them...

as i have always believed - READING WILL...

"enlighten us from the dark, enhance our knowledge, enrich our experience, widen our perspective of the world & life in general..."

and last but not least, it will HELP A LOT in SPM exam...phew! (to my beloved students - please bear this in your mind as i have often reminded you the same thing for thousand times already)

till then..jaa...have a nice weekend, everyone..=)


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there will be:

~~ delicious food..tasty food...and lots of yummy food...(gerai jualan rumah-rumah)

~~games --> indoor games & also a friendly match of basketball: [Intersaber vs Phantom] - this will happen in the evening

~~ movies watching (latest, greatest movies available)

~~ the most anticipating event of the day - Konsert Nasyid dari Kumpulan Nowseeheart (after Isya')

** every student and ex-students are invited to this biennial event..come and feel the joy, laugh & warmth that we (warga Intesaber) offer..

** jom datang ramai-ramai bagi memeriahkan lagi acara ini..semoga ianya diberkati oleh Allah SWT...amin..

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

------> the millionaire <------


hailoh...when you see the way i greet people doesn't reflect myself as a Muslim...subhanallah... a radical & extremely "ganas" person who posseses great stubborness & holds belief that people should voice out their opinion, then i'm one of a kind of people who always be the blacksheep of the family...still, i refuse to change (the palpable characteristics of stubborn indeed)...

i should change...i have to change...i must change...the question is...WHEN?...

another argument within myself - WHY should i change? I love myself too much to change for a better arrogant, proud, haughty, egoistics Huda...[sigh]

ok..i should change...

salam to all...

i've just read a very good entry writing from my beloved cousin's blog [Haruman Mawar ---> promo sis..even though you don't need one, sis..your blog is so higly read & well-perceived by others already...hehe]

10 years she has been tested by Allah SWT to endure painful moments in her life (be it physical, emotional & spiritual)...thank God, she stays strong no matter what happens...she is one of the most patient person i've ever seen...she is neither the one who gives up hope despite her illness nor the one to succumb under great emotional pressures from others...she is indeed the STRONG one..

lots of things that can be learnt from her - especially her patience...

patience a.k.a SABAR- as according to my lovely companion --> the thick, red Macmillan dictionary, this word depicts the ability of someone to accept situations that you don't like for a long time without becoming angry or upset...

subhanallah....begitulah hebatnya peribadi mereka yang diberikan kelebihan sifat SABAR

tidak ada anugerah yang lebih baik selain peroleh sifat sabar
[HR Bukhari & Muslim - quoated from *Haruman Mawar*]

pastinya kehidupan kita akan menjadi seindah alam ini andai SABAR a.k.a PATIENCE itu menjadi tunjang kekuatan dalam melayari bahtera kehidupan

honestly ... i don't have that much patience...i COMPLAINT a lot about my workload, my lovely STUDENTS, sometimes i complaint about other people too...not being grateful for what i have, right?...
i don't have patience with my students - at times, when i'm not in the mood, i could get angry at them easily...some other times, they will have to endure my tantrums...and in difficult times, my sarcastism will be able to kill them [figuratively speaking]
but..these kids are indeed wonderful..they might hate me at times & annoy with my attitude but hey..they keep up with me..trying to cope my ups & downs..and for that i'm indebted to them...thank you kiddos...

as what i have always believed that my profession is a noble job -

"GURU JUTAWAN AKHIRAT"...lots can be done to be the worthy Muslim & retrieve the rewards in the life hereafter..

i could be a millionaire - if only i become more patient with people, with life, with my own unstable emotions...

i want to be a millionaire - be kind to others...treat people nicely and LOVE my mother & family tenderly...LOVE my saviours sincerely...then, i'm definitely on my way to become a millionaire

i will be a millionaire - if only i fulfil the requirement
and to be a millionaire - i have to change for the betterment of ME and people all around me...

CHANGE is needed to become a PATIENT person...
~~still a Muslim who really loves her family & religion & country so much ~~

the wise one

an ordinary teacher teaches.. a good teacher demonstrates.. a great teacher inspires..

the world is like a book...those who don't travel read only one page..
~~St. Augustine ~~