Thursday, August 19, 2010


Lord (ALLAH), make me an instrument of your peace; where there is hatred, let me sow love; where there is injury, pardon; where there is doubt, faith; where there is despair, hope; where there is darkness, light; and where there is sadness, joy

- Francis of Assisi -

MOM, DAD and ME! ~~happy family...lalala~~

~~ so true...could never forget a person who has done something bad to me..~~
(sekadar tidak melupai untuk dijadikan pengajaran tetapi sudah memaafkan kesalahannya)

Loving someone/something doesn't mean that you've got to have them, right? (^-^)

Love my students so much (even if I was stern with them - marah tanda sayang tuh..hehe)
Do they love me that much? haha (mode: sentiasa perasan)..

Greatest love is Allah...

it's for you girls - Aunty Aida, Ummi Yakuza, Baya-chan, Cek Yam Ramli

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

walking down the memory lane...

spring is blossoming! ~ Wellington Botanical Garden ~


As I was browsing through my home page, suddenly, my eyes caught on something was a name of a my ‘big crush’ in Welly (long time ago) in my friend list in FB...I should say that the name was a stranger’s name because, honestly, I’ve never been really acquainted with him personally...but yeah, being an adolescent with turbulent hormones at that time, this one unique name did flicker something inside me...haha...but, upon seeing the name, my hand was itching to click on it...and yeah, I did click on it...I couldn’t resist the urge to know his whereabouts, what he’s doing now, has he come back home thing for sure, he hasn’t returned yet...

I clicked on the video that his friend tagged him with...and seeing his old personality, which is so comfortable with guitar playing reminded me of my good old days in Welly when we had the annual Malaysian Nights organised by the video, he was playing guitar (as usual) while his friend could be entertaining (seriously) but then, a realization was drawn upon is:

I am no longer the 21/22 year old girl who loved music so much and fun things in a Party (in this case the PARTY means pot luck gatherings at Malaysians’ houses that we used to do A LOT back in Welly). I’m growing old now...apparently, age is catching up with me...I could no longer stand the noise music played by /, I still listen to music but I kinda switch my station from Hitz to listening to the loud music by Linkin Park, Evanescence or Creed, now I listen to Maher Zain’s songs or Taylor Swift or listen to my all time favourite of old boy bands like Westlife...

this is what I mean by PARTY!! Eating Time!!!

Eid Mubarak celebration @ Malaysia HICOM
Gosh...I have changed, right? But I hope that my change is for good...(Insyaallah..)...I can always be the crazy, indifferent, happy-go-lucky, risk taker person I am and enjoy life to the max, but...I could never tolerate loud music anymore...and I realized that since I started my career as a teacher, I try to be the good role model to my students...and I will make sure that I will “tegur” them if they commit a mistake (is it ‘tegur’?? or more like scolding? Yelling? Gosh...I hope my students will understand my motives when I ‘tegur’ them because it seems that my tone sometimes were out of control...)
Vics' TESOL students cohort 1

And back to the vid, I could say that I could never enjoy something like that anymore...and I’m amazed that these people could still have fun with something like that...but then, I guess living abroad with no close relatives, you only have friends and other fellow Malaysians to rely on each other...Life could be tough (I know the feeling so well)...and having fun through that way brings you closer to each other and you feel like you have some sort of similarity that can relate you to home...that’s why they keep on doing the pot luck gatherings and break fasting together even though some of them are already my age or older, whilst the new comers to Welly are much younger than them...but one thing that I hope is, they will never forget Allah SWT wherever they are...God bless them...semoga sentiasa dirahmati, diberkati dan dilindungi Allah SWT...amin...

Note: I notice that he has grown wild changes his innocent, boyish look with long hair that used to be his image years ago...and indeed, he looks like a grown up man now (sesuai la dengan umur walaupun the traces of boyish look still apparent on his face *smile*)...I wish that despite his physical changes, his innocence, quiet and reserved personality will stay with him...that’s the things that I love most about him *wink*...

my beloved Victoria University of Wellington, NZ (Kelburn Campus)
~~the place where memories were created, experiences were gained, knowledge were acquired... the place that forever will be special in the heart of a girl who embraces her luck, finding true friends and struggling to achieve her dreams...the place that will always be cherished, remembered, well-appreciated by Huda Othman~~

Sunday, August 15, 2010

London - Part 2

a unique signboard in Walthamstow


Finally, I managed to get some wasn’t a good night sleep for I dreamt of unpleasant things on my 1st night here...hehehe...

At alarm went off, causing me to stir from my sleep...(hebat ooo...pi kerja hari-hari pon takde bangun awal2 cam ni..hehe..) as usual...I still felt sleepy so, I snoozed my phone for a few times...after about half an hour later, somebody knocked on my was pak Uteh waking me up so that I would not miss my Subuh was true then, at 6.15am, the sky was already turning to grey with dimmed lights started to stretch on the horizon..

I quickly went to the bathroom, grrr...the cold water running down my face the moment I washed my sleepy face again reminded me of Everton Hall...gosh...I forgot how terrible this situation could be...taking ablution or a shower was the most miserable thing for me since my days in Welly...the cold water could be vindictive enough to my these times, even the hot water couldn’t help much especially when the cold water & hot water tap are separated...why can’t they just combined those two into one? It makes life a hell lot easier and less depressed...

At 7a.m...I was ready...but my mind was not functioning well...the cold was killing...and the grumbling stomach was driving me nuts...I was like the starving giant; trapped in the North Pole...breakfast would not be ready until 8am...before I went down to the living room, I glimpsed through my room’s windows and saw the colonial buildings (the type of buildings that I admire) with brownish old bricks – the typical English-style house design..what a view! It took my breath away..Subhanallah...

Later on, so as not to waste time, Mak Uteh & Pak Uteh suggested that we explored the Walthamstow suburb for a while before it was time for breakfast...I couldn’t agree the way (BTW), from Trinity House to the town was about 3 mins walking distance...

So, we started our journey that morning – walking slowly until we saw a lane covered with red bricks only for the use of pedestrians. ..on the left and right sides of the road, there are lots of buildings – shops, market, barbers, sundry shops, small bookstores, restaurants etc... well, walking down the cobblestone streets reminds me of Manners St. in Welly...feels like walking down the memory lane...imagine that a small suburb outskirt of London, could offer so much beauty for the eyes to feast...allahuakbar (God is the Almighty)...I really loved what I saw... a tourist, we must act as tourist! ---> that’s my principle when it comes to travelling!

Based on the above principle, yes, we did act like tourists!! We took photos practically everywhere! You name it – the map, the bus station, the shops and even the signboard (this is a MUST – as a proof that we had been there! hehe)...we definitely had the time of our own, never ever bothered with those piercing eyes, staring at us as if we were clowns – those were the locals, apparently.

At 8am, we walked back to our B& stomach again started new rhythm...this one, it resembled the sound of a train ~~choo choo train..lalala~~ I was totally, definitely starving!!! Walking back to the House, my teeth were shattering – the great combination of hunger and cold weather! (note: the temperature was about 4`C at that time with gentle breeze)...grrrr...

The moment I stepped into the House, the nice smell of lavender welcomed me and of course, the warmth radiated from the centralised heater also felt like an energy booster for me.. not wanting to wait no more, I dashed straight into the dining room and voila! – The bread was ready... *smile widely*

I ate 4 slices of bread – it tasted so wonderful...until that moment, I realized how much I miss the bread from Welly (we used to eat a budget bread called “Pam’s” back then)...honestly, the bread from these countries taste much better and tastier than Malaysia bread (not to be ungrateful but seriously...even Gardenia couldn’t compete)...It tastes softer, smells nicer and milkier! And the butter as well – so soft and delicious, even thinking about it right now drools my saliva...

Well...the stomach is full, the body is warm and whoa! – I’m all set for the day’s journey! =)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

English-in-Camp SBP 2010

salam ramadhan..
last week starting from 6th-8th August 2010, I attended EIC SBP 2010..
KISAS - the host for the year...last 2 years, INTESABER was the host for the programme and it was a memorable event...why is that? it's because we are the different one!!! teachers and students slept in tent..most of the activities were done outdoor...however, the teacher broke into the hostels at nights, refusing to sleep inside the tent, under the shining stars..typical of English teachers eh? hehe...

however, this year programme is back to normal, we slept in the hostel..and most of the activities were done the classroom..but the good thing was the facees are the ex-KISAS and other SBP they know how this programme runs...and it is also good because the participants could get extrinsic motivation from them since most of them are currently studying overseas or doing their A-Level/ foundation /IB before flying...

group discussion

the EIC participants were all excited...they got to know new friends..and some even got new admirers..haha..typical teenagers, that's normal...=)

as for first, I was totally reluctant to join the programme...why? I was busy with school activities and these had taken up my energy and I was deprived of sleep for days already...and true to form, I caught cold and running nose during my stay in KISAS!!! what a life...
however, Allah has always known what's good for His servant...once I got into the dorm, I met Kak Nurul (SERATAS) and combined with Kak Ennie (KUSESS), voila!! we created havocs and experienced fun things together...hehe..our trio was completely known and became apparent to others as we were the friendly, cheeky and laughable ones..(ewah..puji diri sendiri nih...hahaha)
the programme went on smoothly as planned...and it turned out to be hillarious when we got to know new friends that can click with of the unforgettable experiences is when we went back 15 mins earlier from the "Discovery Trail" activity @ Taman Bandar Diraja Klang...since we were hungry, sweating, and my skin already felt like sizzzling hot meat, we decided not to wait for the participants to end their Pirates thingy...hence, we walked back to KISAS using the same route that we came earlier on...unfortunately, the stray dog chased after us!!! what a mess, you'd imagine...we screamed at the top of our heart and went frenzy! I just ran everywhere that my feet could take me, without even caring for a moment about the passing cars along the road...and all those cars had to stop suddenly because of US!!!! luckily, none of us got injured during that time...if not, I would definitely sue the Klang Municipal Council...hehe...for 26 years of my life, this is the first experience of mine, being chased by a stray dog! phewww...

discovery trail @ Taman Bandar Diraja Klang

in the afternoon, I slept for 3 hours! hahaha...cover balik semua penat berlari kena kejar dengan anjing tue...
at night, another exciting activity was visit to i-City, Shah could be more interesting if only the boring public speaking were cut short and we would have extra time exploring the lights and take photos...but was something new to me..

visit to i-City
on Sunday..we departed back to school after Zuhur prayer...what a relief to finally go back to my comfort zone in SBPI Sabak Bernam..=)
and the best things of all that happened in EIC are:

1- students enjoyed the programme
2- Baihaqi was famous! Loud applause was given to him when he walked on stage to get the certificates!hehe..he was famous for his easy going nature and warm personality..good job, Bai =)

3- Ezlyni grabbed one of the three trophies for the Best Log Book award!
hehe..gembira sebab INTESABER is not the 'cikai' school...we made ourselves distinguished and outstanding among the pool of great schools there..=) Siapa kata kita tak boleh lawan KISAS, MCKK, SSP etc? hehehe...Yakin boleh!

the wise one

an ordinary teacher teaches.. a good teacher demonstrates.. a great teacher inspires..

the world is like a book...those who don't travel read only one page..
~~St. Augustine ~~