Wednesday, December 30, 2009

byebye 2009...hola 2010

perjuangan masih panjang tapi masih mencuri masa untuk mengetahui perkembangan semasa dengan melayari internet....

i wish..the 13th January 2010 will come soon! then i'll be "merdeka" on that day...nay, only temporary independence or i'd rather say guilty pleasure for after this, 2010 has so many things to look on and so many agendas stored for us....

i missed the first two days of the school meetings (mesyuarat pengurusan sekolah, mesyuarat HEM, mesyuarat akademik usual, there are hundreds of meetings for teachers before the school session begins....that's our routine...something that oddly to say..I LIKE IT...) ...the only meeting that i attended was English Panel meeting this morning

i like being in a meeting even though it takes hours just to come up with a solution for a problem...i like it because it gives me opportunities to be in light, not in the dark...or..easy to say, i am "minah kepoh" because i'd like to know everything that happens around i a gossip girl? absolutely, positively, definitely true...i want to know everything that happens to my work place, my beloved students and my some sense, yeah...i am a weirdo...

back to 2009 - so many things many good and bad memories were created (and will always be cherished), the glory, the failures...that's the spice of life..fisrt of all, congrats to the PMR 2009 candidates who scored great results because all of you deserved it! after so many torture, nagging, motivation words etc. given by the teachers, you guys managed to endure it beautifully...and for the teachers, double congrats because all of you have done the great job!

welcome 2010 - tons of work await the teachers especially the INTESABERIANS because we still have unfinished agendas (e.g. NADWAH) and academic performance to what we have been told "we have to work triple harder than the previous years" because it seems like everyone is talking and taking close watch over SBPISB...and i wonder, why is that? is it because we are THAT GREAT...or maybe because we are TOO BAD?...I hope it is because we are the great Intesaberians...

i've just read what ust. Amir had published in his blog that is even though we have so many things to do...accept it with open arms...yeah, i admit that there were rough times when i did complaint a lot about the workload, the students and the admins...because i felt dissatisfied with what they had asked me to do...well, i'm just a normal human who couldn't really control my emotions...however, i hope that with the growing number of age, (gosh...i'm old already) ...i'll mature gracefully...yeah..way to go Huda! chaiyok..chaiyok! (copied from my students who love to say these words)

despite the hectic schedule that will cross my path...i'm still positive and motivated...especially when Ust. Ahmadi came to our English Panel meeting this morning...He told us stories about Gunturian (a school in Indonesia)...a very inspiring story is about the school that provides ample opportunities to their students to be able to speak fluently in English & Arabic..they are the Islamic leaders-in-making who will be the great speakers..insyaallah...

now, the Intesaber 2010 vision is "memperkasakan Bahasa Inggeris & Bahasa Arab" or if translated into English, it would be the emnpowerment of English & Arabic languages...i wish.. that next year, the students will be able to do the paradigm shift in every aspect of their lives, not only academic performance but the disipline/spiritual part as be naughty is normal but to a certain extent only and never ever be RUDE...i hope the school will be the helpful environment to students to practice their ability in English and Arabic...
but remember:
this does not mean we neglect our own mother tongue...we are still proud with our unique Malay language...but, we are trying to prepare the new Malay generations who are competent in many languages and thus, indirectly helping them to acquire vast knowledge and eventually becoming the great Muslim & Muslimah of all...Insyaallah...amin..

to all my beloved students...welcome back to another beautiful year of school life...

and to all teachers out there...we are the lucky ones to be chosen in this noble profession because our job (if we do it whole-heartedly and sincerely), will be the seed that we that sow to the life after the judgement day...Allah bless us...amin..

welcome 2010...and byebye 2009

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

satu pengalaman...


that's the only word that can describe my feelings right now....

lega...for many reasons...

dan sangat menyedihkan bila melihat ramai anak melayu ketinggalan dalam arus pembangunan negara kerana kurangnya ilmu pengetahuan untuk menguasai dunia hari ini..

sedih...kerana mereka kebanyakannya anak melayu...tercicir dalam menguasi BI - satu bahasa yang penting dalam era globalisasi ini untuk terus bersaing dengan anak2 kaum lain yang berlumba-lumba menguasai ekonomi dunia..

not being materialistics, but
i always believe that by having the stability in economy we could conquer the world - then we would be able to spread the wonderful world of Islam, the miraculuos words of Al-Quran and the beautiful lifestyle of a Muslim...

because only then, people would see us as the role model, the greatest leaders that could lead the world to peace, to the goodness..

that is what i've always told my students - language is power. you could influence people with your opinion and you could inspire others with your words...

and for me - i'm not a person with vast knowledge of Hadiths, tafsir or whatsoever..for i'm just an ordinary Muslimah but i hope that through my language proficiency, i could spread the teaching of Islam to others...perhaps..(as what me and my friends experienced once while we were in NZ - debating about Jesus (nabi Musa) with a devoted Christian Maori)

sigh...i wish semua anak2 Melayu akan sedar akan pentingnya penguasaan ilmu pengetahuan dan kita tidak lagi leka that dengan kehidupan yang mudah pada hari ini (Malaysia is definitely a comfort zone for the Malays)...sedarlah anak2 bangsa Muslim & Melayu - hidup ini satu perjuangan yang berterusan tanpa ada titik noktah sehingga ke penghujung nyawa..

come...let's go, fight & win..

satria ESQ 165:
fight..fight.fight.. a few days, another battle begins...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

not so over the - "New Moon"


i have watched the 2nd installment of the Twilight saga, the most anticipated movie of the year...

well, as a big fan of Stephanie Meyer and of the saga as well, reading the whole series provides the maximum satisfaction...honestly, the storyline is catchy, different and unique...and believe me when i say that i couldn't put the books down amidst of my busy schedule and hectic lifestyle...and it very well meant that i was behaving like a zombie for days - the result of having lack of goodnight sleep...

what an enthralling series...

nonetheless, sorry to the die-hard-fan of Rob Pattinson (Edward) and Kristen Stewart (Bella), this 2nd movie is a BIG disappointment to me...i don't know about other people's opinion, but the movie fails to excite me as compared to the 1st movie...and to my dismay, it never caught my attention at all...

yeah..i have to admit that the 2nd book is not that interesting as the 1st and 4th (my fave of the series)...but truly, the 2nd movie is a total did not get to me, my attention span was able to last for the 1st quarter of the movie...after that, i totally lost my interest at all even when they portray the parts of the books that i really love (i.e. the part when Edward & Bella watch Romeo & Juliet / when Edward is trying to protect Bella from the wrath of Jane during the meeting with the Volturi/ when Bella couldn't believe that Edward finally is in her room again, watching her sleep as usual)

i was hoping (more like praying) that the scenes where they shot in Italy would be detailed as described in the book...yeah, i know it would be impossible to depict the scenes exactly like the novel but at least i anticipated that it would be better than what they have shown...sigh...

truly, i am one of the fanatic fan of Twilight and i really love the books and of course, the 1st movie as well...i even watched it several times (in cinema) and countless times (from my pirated DVD)...i truly love it, crazy about it, can't never get enough of it...

nevertheless, the 2nd instalment is a total doom to me... i said, different people have different opinion...

"as one's man's meat is another man's poison... "

but, i love Jacob Black played by Taylor Lautner (definitely the hunky wolf O^O)
positively a deserving rival for Edward *wink*

Sunday, November 22, 2009

the perfect gifts

the joy of my life - my life, my soul, my everything

i am a person with close-knit connection with my family (with many cousins - big & small, old & young)...though i don't have siblings, yet these people (the cousins) are very important to me...their laugh, spontaneous responses, innocent looks, "i'm-not-guilty" expressions even though, yes, they are indeed guilty - are the joy of my life...
mereka mutiara hati yang menghiburkan di kala kekusutan menjelma, mendamaikan hati di celah-celah kesibukan hidup, membahagiakan perasaan tatkala keresahan melanda, menyejukkan jiwa tatkala dugaan menjengah...
i am blessed
with fortune, love and affection
i am lucky
to be alive, surrounded by families
i am truly indebted to Allah
for all the happiness, joy and sorrow
that create wonders in my life
Thank you Allah
for these perfect gifts"

the crimson love - with grandma @ tok

the one vital thing that could never be replaced by anything

wishing our lives to be blessed forever with love - along, me, My mom, Ummi, kakcik

without any of you, life would be incomplete

the happy faces - Ayuni, Aidid & Qashrina
thier laughter brings happiness to the world

look at the cheeky, domineering Alyssa Qashrina (wearing white) and the gentle, demure Ayuni Illya (wearing blue-black dress)

the protege of 350, jln. bawah, penaga:

the fantastic four of BIG cousins - Kakcik, Along, Angah, Huda (during Along's engagement day)

the unbeatable heroes

their acts crack your head =) - nevertheless, they are still the adorable kids who add colours to my world

i often heard media says that Malaysians are lazy to read or Malaysians rarely read books as compared to other nations in the world..i always thought that how wrong they were..Malaysians do read - they read blogs, newspaper, comics and so for me, reading is fun! how could they portray Malaysians as lazy!!!

nonetheless, when i started my teaching career last year, i found one distressing fact:
---> my students could not even write an engaging essay, an interesting story or even the correct facts..and please bear in mind, these are intelligent students (they study in selected residential schools in the country)

how sad is the situation?

those who are in my class know better when i always:
--- nag at them - for their grammar
--- scold them - when they couldn't finish the essay right on time..or even if they did, their essays were haywired; disorganised, boring, lame, unengaging and so on.(you name it - all those bad adjectives)
at one time, i blamed myself for being a lousy teacher. i was too busy with extra cocurricular activities. so,i couldn't teach them properly. i negelected them.i wasn't good at delivering my lesson. i didn't know how to integrate fun in my lesson, that was why my students performed badly.and the list of the excuses was so long. i was depressed.

thinking myself as a failure was unbearable - thus, i retorted.

i did a research and analysis. (more like observation and asking questions) why there are students who could really write well (you bet, their essays are flawless in term of grammar errors plus the language flare are so proficient. they beat me at times. but most importantly, their ideas are so engaging, so creative)

i found out the de facto - it is because they are avid readers.they read A LOT. and for those who don't really perform well - they DON'T read even a single book/novel in a year

what they really care is their science subjects - physics, chemistry, biology, add maths.
yup...most of them scored 9A's/10A's in SPM yet their English was B.this is the reason why English subject percentage dropped. we dubbed it as the great downfall.

what did i do?

  • i collected books on my own.
  • set up my own library. the advantage of my library is the borrowing period is longer and there is no fine if they return late.
------ > now, the culture of the school hasn't changed much in a year but constant nagging and reminders that i put on my students (poor them..sigh), shows little change in their attitude. at least, they started borrowing books from me to start cultivating the reading habit among themselves. English is still a nightmare.

however, some of them are discouraged to read merely words in the books. they get boring easily.
now, i am trying to manoeuvre my goals into slightly different direction.
i encourage them to read graphic's funny, it's less serious.

i am still experimenting though..
we'll see the result next year (SPM 2009)
now, i agree with the fact that says Malaysians (not all) are lazy to read

Saturday, November 21, 2009

the darling bud..

salam perkenalan...hi everyone...

it is my first trial at this bloging thingy though people are crazy about it technically, i am still a baby, a darling bud of BFF, aunty aida has always persuaded me to try this new form of diary writing..she has been gugu gaga about it for ages! but it never gets into me, until recently...when my colleague, noonateha is always on her screen, updating her fettish towards Boys Over Flower actors and actresses (Junpyo & Jandi)..when Ustaz Amir and Ustaz Zaki conducted a session (during LADAP) called "Bengkel Membina Blog" and promoted their popular blog to the students and teachers..until it seems that everyone now has owned a blog except really fires me up to have one, too, though i honestly do not know until when this passion will last...

for one that i know, i am a private person..i don't share my thought is my personal, totally mine...and for these reasons, i am always a selfish,stingy person...and for these excuses as well, blogging for me is totally a "no-no", "will-never-happen-forever" situation, a waste of time and bla, bla, bla...

until Ustaz Amir said,

"Blogging ini adalah cara untuk kita berkongsi ilmu, menyampaikan pesan, menyebarkan dakwah...semoga apa yang kita lakukan ini akan diredhai Allah SWT"

these words inpire me to be a blogger -- to spread my knowledge, to share my experiences, to exchange opinions with others..

semoga apa yang dicoretkan di sini sentiasa mendapat keredhaan Allah SWT...Amin..

till then...

the wise one

an ordinary teacher teaches.. a good teacher demonstrates.. a great teacher inspires..

the world is like a book...those who don't travel read only one page..
~~St. Augustine ~~