Saturday, November 21, 2009

the darling bud..

salam perkenalan...hi everyone...

it is my first trial at this bloging thingy though people are crazy about it technically, i am still a baby, a darling bud of BFF, aunty aida has always persuaded me to try this new form of diary writing..she has been gugu gaga about it for ages! but it never gets into me, until recently...when my colleague, noonateha is always on her screen, updating her fettish towards Boys Over Flower actors and actresses (Junpyo & Jandi)..when Ustaz Amir and Ustaz Zaki conducted a session (during LADAP) called "Bengkel Membina Blog" and promoted their popular blog to the students and teachers..until it seems that everyone now has owned a blog except really fires me up to have one, too, though i honestly do not know until when this passion will last...

for one that i know, i am a private person..i don't share my thought is my personal, totally mine...and for these reasons, i am always a selfish,stingy person...and for these excuses as well, blogging for me is totally a "no-no", "will-never-happen-forever" situation, a waste of time and bla, bla, bla...

until Ustaz Amir said,

"Blogging ini adalah cara untuk kita berkongsi ilmu, menyampaikan pesan, menyebarkan dakwah...semoga apa yang kita lakukan ini akan diredhai Allah SWT"

these words inpire me to be a blogger -- to spread my knowledge, to share my experiences, to exchange opinions with others..

semoga apa yang dicoretkan di sini sentiasa mendapat keredhaan Allah SWT...Amin..

till then...

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