Monday, January 17, 2011

the thrill of life

The trip to Phuket last November was memorable and fun even it was not the well-planned trip...Me and my friends (Kak Sally, Kak Norin & Yani) gambled everything since we did not pre-book the tours before landing ourselves at Phuket International Airport.

~~ Kai Island ~~

~~ We are in the famous Thailand's Tuk Tuk~~

It started badly since I caught a nasty cold, high fever and extreme sore throat on the 1st day. I couldn't enjoy the food very well, I was too caught up with fatigue and my head was about to explode...but I dragged myself along.. I was living on the mercy of extra dose of Panadol and Paracetamol..

~~ on the boat to Maya Bay ~~

But hey, something that started off badly didn't always end badly as well...For one, my eyes were blinded by the sight of so many beautiful and blinking gems at the largest gem factory ever in Asia! I couldn't resist the temptation of owning one of the rings displayed there..thus, I bought myself a lovely Black Sapphire Stars with Zirconian stones..the amazing thing is, it costs me only THB 1300! (equal to RM130)

~~ Karon View Point ~~

Cashew Nuts Factory

After splashing money at the gem factory, I was about to experience another event that makes a difference in my life! The Bungy Jumping! Ever since I was in NZ, I was always so excited at the thought of trying those adrenaline rush activities..I had done the jet boating, zorbing and the swing but never had the opportunity to jump from a high cliff (or in this case - crane) to experience one of the most thrilled (and dangerous) activities in the world! well..the adrenaline rush wasn't that good since I was shaking and trembling during the whole process of tying up my feet and risking my life on a piece of thick rope...whoa! what an experience...the funny thing is, I saw Yani did it first and I went for 2nd, and after watching it..I was tremendousky nervous that I even left a will (sort of) to Kak Salina, to tell my mom that if I died, she would have to claim some amount of money from my insurance company! much for a bungy jump!

selepas aktiviti ala-ala bunuh diri bungy!
that's the smile of satisfaction with our certificates to prove to the world that we actually did it! hehe..

I did it! Yeay!

different types of bungy jump that u can do here..

well...everything that is risky has always had the after did turns out that bungy jump is not really good for the body because of the impact that we experience while jumping and bouncing off the ropes...Yani had gum bleeding and something went wrong with her eyes capiliry and I had body ache all, it made my fever shot up high! All day long after the bungy, there was very little energy left for me to endure another half day activties...while shopping at Cashew Nut Factory, I had to sit down and wait for my friends...I couldn't enjoy the different flavours of cashew nut ( what a waste!), and I had bought only two packets of it..(duit dah habis + takde tenaga dah nak berjalan)

the 2nd day, we went to Phi Phi Island cruise tour (snorkelling, swimming & shopping!) for the whole day..Honestly, Malaysia's treasures of sea creatures and coral reef are so much more beautiful than Phuket..Redang Island is 100% better than Maya Bay/ Kai Island...even the water taste different! The Andaman Phuket's sea is triple saltier and more concerntrated than our Malacca Strait or South China Sea...I even got virus infection in my throat after coming back from Phuket..and I had to use crystal to cure the infection since it was really bad..I lost my voice completely for a week..and now I know how it felt to be a mute person..had to use body language all the time..hehe..

the 3rd day was even better - we went to James Bond was beautiful..the island was named James Bond because it had been the location of the 2 Bond the way, Maya Bay had also been a location for the movie entitled "The Beach" starring Leonardo De Caprio..we were the only Muslims on the boat among the tourists!..The good memory of this day was we met Uncle Boo and Irene, the old couple from Sweden..we even promoted Malaysia to them! they were so nice and they always wondered how could we wear full clothes while swimming and canoeing since most of them were wearing swimming suit/ bikini..well..that's the good thing of travelling, right? Dakwah secara tidak langsung...hehe...

The trip came to an end when we had to head our way to the airport to catch our flight back home..we arrived at LCCT at 11.45pm...and the journey was really memorable despite the early challenges..bye bye Phuket..

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

commitment freak?

takutnya bila fikir soal jodoh...

benar, itu yang terpahat dalam fikiran saat orang bertanyakan perihal teman hidup...mungkin sebab itulah istilah pernah bercinta atau ada pakwe tak pernah ada dalam diari kehidupan ini hatta walau ketika begitu gembira melayari kehidupan sebagai pelajar di rantauan...pernah jatuh cinta itu benar, ianya pernah terjadi dalam kehidupan...akan tetapi perasaan yang hadir ketika itu tidak pernah terluah pada empunya diri, lantas pendekatan mendiamkan diri sering diambil..bukan apa, kita ni bukanlah cantik meletup ala-ala pelakon sinetron Indonesia gitu (sedar diri nih..), jadi perasaan takut ditolak atau istilah kena 'reject' tue lebih menguasai dan tidak sanggup pula untuk menahan rasa malu kalau benar di'reject' oleh si empunya diri...maka, perasaan itu hanya diketahui oleh teman-teman rapat sahaja (Ummi, Baya, Aida, CikYam)..tidak terluah dan hanya mencintai dari jauh...

makanya, sampai saat ini pun tidak pernah sekali pun ada 'boyfriend'...memang ada yang ingin tolong jadi telangkai, memperkenalkan kepada calon-calon yang sesuai..tetapi saat perkara ini dinyatakan, perasaan takut sangat menguasai diri...kalau orang lain mungkin excited, tetapi diri ini lebih kepada takut & suspicious...alkisahnya sehingga kini masih sendiri & memegang title 'miss'

tapi diri ini tak kisah pun..sebab sangat yakin pada janji & ketentuan Allah SWT...andai ada jodohnya, maka pasti akan berjumpa dengan soul mate yang sehati sejiwa dan hidup bahagia selamanya..insyaallah...

cuma, ketika ini, saat ini, sewaktu ada yang ingin serius berkenalan, ntahlah..hati seperti tertutup...tiada sebarang perasaan excited atau gembira..malah, takut pula yang menguasai diri..makanya, (wondering nih..) am i a commitment freak? takutnya untuk melukai hati manusia lain dan takut juga dikatakan tidak bersyukur atas nikmat pemberian Tuhan...

-- dilema seorang anak gadis yang tersepit antara kehendak sendiri dan permintaan orang sekeliling...takut dikatakan terlalu memilih dan tidak tahu bersyukur..tetapi, suara hati ini berkata, salahkah jika kita memilih? *sigh*

Monday, January 3, 2011

when it will be my joyful day?

i am a mess...

i miss my holidays, form 5 students who already left the school and i am in great dilemma

i can't get myself, my mind and my heart straight & focus...

my heart is stubborn, arrogant and conceited...

i expect too much, i want the best yet i don't really deserve all that (even if i'm working hard to make myself deserve that)

i want great things, perfect life yet I am far from being perfect...

i am choosy, haughty and proud

i am indeed egoistics and ungrateful...

Fantasy is so cool that I refuse to wake up from the dream...

am i allowed to be forever in dream, and never come around to reality?

I just want something like JGS & PSH, or JT & XJ...can't I have it in reality?

the wise one

an ordinary teacher teaches.. a good teacher demonstrates.. a great teacher inspires..

the world is like a book...those who don't travel read only one page..
~~St. Augustine ~~