Sunday, March 21, 2010

around the globe


is my passion (apart from teaching, of course)'s the zeal of my life...for the adventurous species I am, travelling is a must do thing for me...different people hold different for myself, I believe that travelling WILL broaden my mind, enhance my experience & enrich my life..

seeing the wild world, experiencing the distinguish cultures, smelling the different air, tasting the exotic cuisines, meeting the throngs of people from all walks of life --- this is all a euphoric sensation to feels like a drug; my own, distinguished, customised drug...obviously I am addicted to it...

I wish...I could travel to these famous, most-talked places one day... (insyaallah - God willing, He will grant me my wish)

the dreams....

Mekah (with my beloved mother)


London & whole UK

Rome & Portofino, Italy

Frankfurt & Stuttgart, Germany

Beijing, Guilin & Guangzhou, China

Melbourne & Australian Outback

Niagara Fall, Canada



Danau Toba, Indonesia

Besancon, France


Macu Piccu, Mexico

Chiang Mai, Thailand



Colorado, US

Millford Sound, NZ

again....Wellington, NZ (missin' everything about it already - the air, the place, the people, the lifestyle)...and Queenstown (the bungy & The Remarkables)...


NKI ke-30 : interesting, fascinating, colourful, fruitful, headache, fever, too many silly protocols, heartache, suck

that's the wrap up of the grandest event of the year

*** sorry for this bitter point of view of mine - mentally disruptive & emotionally explosive at the moment

hell is on my way...

inferiority complex, low self-esteem, feeling of inadequancy - these are like infectious diseases, or pandaemic virus that are always tailing me all this would spell the disease into one word - F.O.R.E.V.E.R.

the result of frequent encounters with this affected syndrome leads to isolation, ignorance and indifference [sigh - imagine how bad the effects are to me? it is like a tumor in my body - dangerous and it's like a silent killer]

people - so unique and different we are...and i always wonder why do they have no other interest other than poking their noses and meddling with somebody else's matter? definitely, that's the spice of life, i guess..

comparing people - there are pros & cons of it..

personally, i would think that comparing one person with other individual is good BUT...differenciating people for their not-so-good attributes could be irritating, annoying, a pain in a neck & in some cases - SUICIDE...

even most of the times, comparing means a way of complimenting others, however, if we put on too much emphasis on a person's negative traits it could KILL that person's personality - figuratively speaking...killing in the sense of demolishing a person's virtues, damaging an image and crumpling self-confidence of oneself..

why oh why...manusia itu suka melihat keburukan yang sedikit ataupun kesilapan yang jarang dilakukan berbanding dengan kebaikan yang banyak yang dilakukan oleh seseorang individu itu...why focus on a single, decayed tree when you can see the goodness of whole forest

why oh why...physical beauty is the prominent comparison of all..especially for girls..why do people rate someone's beauty? why does it matter so much? who the hell are we to have the rights to do that? (after all...we are just human...manusia biasa, hamba Allah) - it is the God's gift, the art of Allah's creation that is perfect, and could never be achieved by humans...

SO WHAT if I'm not beautiful?...I'd say that I'm charming enough to fascinate people, drawing them close to me...

SO WHAT if I'm not thin?...I have never dreamt opf becoming a stage, catwalk model, showing off their fake, perfect skin...

SO WHAT if I'm not a typical, gentle, demure, soft-spoken Malay girl? ...I'm still an independent bug with virtues & principles...

SO WHAT if I'm not the glamour engineer, driving posh cars?...I'm still a citizen who contributes something beneficial to the society...


whatever it is, pleaseeeeeeeee...DO NOT COMPARE people for their bad quality, instead look up to the brighter side - their traits that will produce something valuable for the nation; be it BIG or SMALL...


note: sorry for the bad language used in this entry..i'm under the negative emotion with raging turbulence hormones that is affecting my whole system now..

the wise one

an ordinary teacher teaches.. a good teacher demonstrates.. a great teacher inspires..

the world is like a book...those who don't travel read only one page..
~~St. Augustine ~~