Friday, June 22, 2012

Ustaz Azhar Idrus' statement vs K-POP?

the time shows 2.42 am .. in the wee hours of the day I should have slept or done something more beneficial than being hooked up in front of this computer writing my thoughts... but again..the Internet speed is superb (UNIFI - when will u be available in Intesaber) and I just can't resist the temptation to catch up with my favourite drama for the time being Á Gentlemen's Dignity" Duh...Jang Dong Gun is in the lead cast..and still hunky and drooling even after 10 years since "All About Eve"... and I can't also refuse the opportunity of writing in this blog again after almost a long silence being put here... recently..I have been doing some intense reading that serves as an eye-opener to me..and also comes as the revealing, shocking and somehow refreshing faith is restored and I'm super patriotic now...well, will talk about this later; maybe in the next, separate post specifically dedicated for the topic..every single homo sapien who calls himself/herself as a Muslim Malay should read this..then think discussions with friends, get second opinion from the experts and then make your own wise judgement... as for now..I am in a dilemma... as most people would have known by now I am a K-POP avid fan..everything about K-POP excites me...and seriously..I do admire those Idols and Hanguk actors/actresses - their determination to succeed..the efforts they put into their work and their passion for what they are doing... in my opinion, that's the secret for their huge, tremendous success in the entertainment world...those are the elements that I wish my beloved, bright and talented students would acquire: Determination, Continuous effort & Passion...but why can't people see this instead, rather than making the absolute conclusion that K-POP is BAD for the youth..I'm sorry..not being bias, but if you really know how the Korean entertainment industry works in producing those so well-loved idols; the system that they use, then, can't we just try to adapt, adopt or amend this system in our life so that success will belong to us - Muslims Malays? Ustaz Azhar Idrus said that K-POP itu HARAM (quote: My Mom told me this)...a statement that comes from a very respected person who is so knowledgeable in the Malaysia Muslim's world...his words put me in a dilemma... Me? A Muslim girl who is really obsessed with this? the reason I learn Hangul (able to understand little conversation by now) or went to Korea last CNY, like the Hanguk Cuisines (nay..they are 'mashinde'- delicious by the way) is because of my interest in the K-POP world...that's the serious dilemma..with the desire in wanting to be a good Muslim but at the same time can't resist the temptation to like this world...Nafsu yang perlu disekat? but again...I'm not a huge fan of the entertainment industry..I don't give a damn to Malaysian's artistes, not interested at all to monitor those Hollywood products and not able to bear the Bolloywood movies..hell no! (but I do update myself with news of Malaysia's and the world's industry for my general knowledge)...the only entertainment industry that enlightens me is K-POP/K-Drama/K-World...other than that, there is no passion at all... and knowing that Ustaz Azhar Idrus said that K-POP is HARAM...I am in a serious dilemma... teringat kembali akan artikel yang dibaca Alter Terahsia Bangsa Melayu...adakah daku sudah benar-benar terperangkap di dalam sistem Si Mata Satu? Ya Allah...bantulah hamba-Mu ini.. wallahualam... --HUDA--

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Salam Been a long time since my last post...for quite some time, i lost the passion and the interest to write anything in here though there are abundant of issues playing through my mind all these while.. Well..been doing some intense reading recently and hoping that i will be able to share it here soon..a revealing knowledge, shocking n refreshing materials for me..insyaallah..after i have finished my work, i will start writing again..

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the world is like a book...those who don't travel read only one page..
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