Wednesday, December 30, 2009

byebye 2009...hola 2010

perjuangan masih panjang tapi masih mencuri masa untuk mengetahui perkembangan semasa dengan melayari internet....

i wish..the 13th January 2010 will come soon! then i'll be "merdeka" on that day...nay, only temporary independence or i'd rather say guilty pleasure for after this, 2010 has so many things to look on and so many agendas stored for us....

i missed the first two days of the school meetings (mesyuarat pengurusan sekolah, mesyuarat HEM, mesyuarat akademik usual, there are hundreds of meetings for teachers before the school session begins....that's our routine...something that oddly to say..I LIKE IT...) ...the only meeting that i attended was English Panel meeting this morning

i like being in a meeting even though it takes hours just to come up with a solution for a problem...i like it because it gives me opportunities to be in light, not in the dark...or..easy to say, i am "minah kepoh" because i'd like to know everything that happens around i a gossip girl? absolutely, positively, definitely true...i want to know everything that happens to my work place, my beloved students and my some sense, yeah...i am a weirdo...

back to 2009 - so many things many good and bad memories were created (and will always be cherished), the glory, the failures...that's the spice of life..fisrt of all, congrats to the PMR 2009 candidates who scored great results because all of you deserved it! after so many torture, nagging, motivation words etc. given by the teachers, you guys managed to endure it beautifully...and for the teachers, double congrats because all of you have done the great job!

welcome 2010 - tons of work await the teachers especially the INTESABERIANS because we still have unfinished agendas (e.g. NADWAH) and academic performance to what we have been told "we have to work triple harder than the previous years" because it seems like everyone is talking and taking close watch over SBPISB...and i wonder, why is that? is it because we are THAT GREAT...or maybe because we are TOO BAD?...I hope it is because we are the great Intesaberians...

i've just read what ust. Amir had published in his blog that is even though we have so many things to do...accept it with open arms...yeah, i admit that there were rough times when i did complaint a lot about the workload, the students and the admins...because i felt dissatisfied with what they had asked me to do...well, i'm just a normal human who couldn't really control my emotions...however, i hope that with the growing number of age, (gosh...i'm old already) ...i'll mature gracefully...yeah..way to go Huda! chaiyok..chaiyok! (copied from my students who love to say these words)

despite the hectic schedule that will cross my path...i'm still positive and motivated...especially when Ust. Ahmadi came to our English Panel meeting this morning...He told us stories about Gunturian (a school in Indonesia)...a very inspiring story is about the school that provides ample opportunities to their students to be able to speak fluently in English & Arabic..they are the Islamic leaders-in-making who will be the great speakers..insyaallah...

now, the Intesaber 2010 vision is "memperkasakan Bahasa Inggeris & Bahasa Arab" or if translated into English, it would be the emnpowerment of English & Arabic languages...i wish.. that next year, the students will be able to do the paradigm shift in every aspect of their lives, not only academic performance but the disipline/spiritual part as be naughty is normal but to a certain extent only and never ever be RUDE...i hope the school will be the helpful environment to students to practice their ability in English and Arabic...
but remember:
this does not mean we neglect our own mother tongue...we are still proud with our unique Malay language...but, we are trying to prepare the new Malay generations who are competent in many languages and thus, indirectly helping them to acquire vast knowledge and eventually becoming the great Muslim & Muslimah of all...Insyaallah...amin..

to all my beloved students...welcome back to another beautiful year of school life...

and to all teachers out there...we are the lucky ones to be chosen in this noble profession because our job (if we do it whole-heartedly and sincerely), will be the seed that we that sow to the life after the judgement day...Allah bless us...amin..

welcome 2010...and byebye 2009

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you enjoy chinese uh!??
why dont you try heroes?or other tv series?
try this
this blog owner is your ex-student
have fun

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