Sunday, January 10, 2010


finally the battle ends...(fuh..i'm heaving a big sigh)

tomorrow is the day for the last battle of 2009...(so happy)...that means after this, i'll be able to saviour every moment of surfing the internet without feeling guilty, or watching my favourite Chinese Paladin 3 series without worries..hehe... the day for the new Form 1 students to register in our school...watching their timid faces & still reminded me of my own "nightmare" hostel life 13 years matter however scary that feeling was, it is still the moments of joy that made me who am i today..

another moment that i really love about registration is observing the faces of proud parents...their excitement and thankful expressions are clearly drawn on their faces...something that me, myself feel proud and touched...nonetheless, there are also parents with cynical and sceptical attitude...hoping that everything in this boarding school would be FOC (free-of-charge)...*another sigh*

i understand that it is normal to have the Yin and Yang elements in life (i.e. +ve and -ve)..but, come to think of it rationally, aren't we living in the world of "modernisation" where everything that we do need payment..even if we want to pee, we still have to pay, rite? luckily the oxygen that we breathe in now is God's gift - we don't have to pay for that. (syukur..syukur yg teramat sangat...)

yeah...we've been living on government's subsidies too much until we seem to be unable to stand on our own feet...sorry, i don't mean to condemn on the Malays attitude for i am a Malay too...but, the mentality of depending too much on the government has to be wiped out from our mind...we have to be independent...we should not ask too much help from others...

yeah..maybe it is because i am still single, with no responsibility to hold and maybe it is because i have a smooth-sailing life since i was small (grateful to Allah for this situation), thus making me think like this..i am sorry...but i've always believed that life isn't always easy and for that reason, we have to be ready all the time...

for some parents - they thought that sending off their child to a fully residential school needs no money to wrong they is essential in today's life...therefore, when they register their child here, it means that they have to be well prepared - mentally & most importantly financially...their child's neccessities, the school fees, pocket money and so on...if we calculate the expenditure, the amount is equal to the daily school (where parents have to pay for the tuition classes, transportation etc)..isn't it just the same?

i'm still single...but i thought that raising a child does need a lot of sacrifices from parents - be it physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially...(and for these reasons, THANK YOU MOM & DAD for being patient in raising me up and coping with my outrageous behaviour)

and a reminder to me and all adults out there:

**** we have to be financially independent - be it you invest your money in properties & you become a millionaiire or if you are the employed worker, you have to be frugal or the other alternative is get married with rich people! (haha..just kiddin')..whatever it takes, be financially secured (of course, according to the Islamic conduct & ethics)

as what i have always believed, conquering the world of economy could enable us to conquer the world...

and insyaallah..we'll be the great Muslims & Muslimah

**recommendation - a good book to read is "Stop acting rich & start living like a real millionaire" by Dr. Thomas J. Stanley.

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