Sunday, January 24, 2010

...I LOVE YOU...

once upon a time, the thought of standing in front of a pool of talented yet reckless teenagers with turbulence emotions was a nightmare to me...what else, becoming their "cikgu" / teacher / sensei etc...

that was the situation years or maybe decades ago...when i was a teenager myself - a high school student with own isuues at that time..the idea of becoming a teacher was so outrageous to me no matter how my brain rationalised me..

hey..who would want to be a teacher? the last resort career perhaps...a teacher? never the famous, glamourous, posh & ideal profession to me...

that was back in the early era of millennium is completely a different story...Apart from being an adventurous species i am (as it is the nature born genes)...

TEACHING now is my passion - something that i really LOVE , ENJOY doing it all the time (if possible)..the satisfaction is tremendous, indescribable and it left me emotionally spent...

a teacher - is not merely about teaching, delivering lesson but at some times he/she has to be:

** actors (in covering up their true emotions while teaching even if they are hurt/happy/sad for the sake of the students)..

** a spy / police (when investigating & handling a discipline case)

** clerk (when all the clerical tasks need their attention)

** lawyer (when defending their acts & facts with parents/students when a problem occurs)

** sports coach (standing at the fields under the hot sun, training the students for a competition)

** motivator (in giving encouragement & motivations words for theirspiritual & emotional development)

** engineer + landscape architect (when we have to decorate the garden to beautify the school)

in conclusion...teachers are everything...nonetheless, i'm not complaining though at times the workload is horrendous and too much (to the point that i thought we were slaves-insufficient wages as compared to the hours we worked) is all because of THE SAVIOURS of my life..

every year, there will always be students that would be "the heroes & heroines of my life"...these kids (i always refer to them as kids - for its sounds adorable & friendlier) are my saviours...they are my private knights in shining armour who are rescuing the damsel in distress [that's ME!! ] (O^O) ...they save me in many situations:

whenever i feel down, they cheer me up with the melody of their laugh,
teasing me till my eyes tears
whenever i feel bored, they feed me up with their comical facial expressions,
hillarious actions, spontaneous responses and
quirky shows of behaviour
whenever i am angry, they cool me down with their playful,
mischievous spirit until the crack of smiles
appear on my face
whenever i feel ecstatic, happy, overwhelm..
they will share the joy with me..
making me feel appreciated and loved..
apparently, these saviours have paramount impact in my life..
and for that reason,
thank you..
without the presence of all of you, my life would be dull, boring..without all of you, my life is just another passing stage before the Dooms Day...but with all of you, life is a meaningful battlefield to conquer, a worthy farm to sow good seeds, and harvesting the ripe fruits in the after life...because of you, this is a blissful life..
and for this bliss, there is no regret at all in becoming a TEACHER
*** a tribute to all my BELOVED students (though i am "singa garang" who always tortures you, yells at you, pinches you...but the truth is, i love all of you...)


الوردة الشوكية said...

♥♥♥♥Bersangka Baik Kepada Allah - Banyak mata yang berjaga malam, banyak pula yang tertidur lelap, memikirkan persoalan yang sudah atau akan terjadi. Tinggalkanlah rasa duka semampumu kerana memikul beban duka boleh membuatmu gila. Kelmarin,tuhan telah menolongmu. Percayalah esok pun tuhan tetap akan menolongmu. Bersangka baiklah kepada Allah. ♥♥♥♥

raihan-yasminna said...

terharulah..rse nk nanges

uks :) said...

singa garang?
haha~ lwak la teacher..
anyways, I LOVE U TOO, TEACHER!!! xD

huda.othman said...


i am singa garang what..i did torture u guys a lot especially during my English period..i know that all of u hate it,but i hope u'll remember it as a 'love dedication' from me...hehehe..

with love,
teacher Huda

the wise one

an ordinary teacher teaches.. a good teacher demonstrates.. a great teacher inspires..

the world is like a book...those who don't travel read only one page..
~~St. Augustine ~~