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K-World Fetish Part 2


Kim Hyun Joong

9 years ago, it was the dramas that diverted the whole world’s attention to Korea’s entertainment industry...then came Rain and Boa, followed by idol groups like TVXQ and SS501...and today, the K-POP waves have spread all over the world with their energetic dances, catchy and captivating music, adorable fashion style, amusing variety shows and entertaining entertainment, the global phenomenon of Super Junior, B2ST, 2PM, 2AM, Girl’s Generation, KARA, U KISS, MBLAQ, CN BLUE, FT Island, 2NE1, 4 minute (and the list goes on..too many to list down) seems to be unbeatable...

And because of this huge and wide phenomenon of the Hallyu Waves, my addiction towards K-POP world continues one after another...generally, I love most of the songs by the Koreans artistes, be it Ballads, Rock or just pop...for me, those songs are just favourable, easy for the ears even though the lyrics that I can understand are only of a few common words such as “ Sarang”, “Gaseum” “Appa” “Ara” etc..

Jejaka Idaman? hehe

I love SS501, but after their last album in 2009, the members are doing separate projects individually, so, I thought that my addiction will stop there and then...nah, how wrong I was for then, CN Blue debuted with I’m a Loner...hence, I’m hooked with the web of K-POP again and again..


K-POP world is so huge...and here I would love to divide them into several categories (macam nak bagi awards plak..kekeke)...these are all based on my favouritism...(sorry to those who disagree *wink*)

--- > It’s CN Blue for their unique talents and taste in music...I love most of their songs...they composed, wrote and produced their own songs! Even the “Banmal” song was composed by Yong Hwa with Seo Hyun in their WGM cool is that? And honestly, the song is just so nice...=)..their music alone is able to grab hold of my attention without the need to do extra like dancing in their performance...It’s just so cool to watch them playing their instrument confidently and with ease...

The talented boys of CN Blue

--- > haha... this one goes without saying...they are Kim Hyun Joong (SS501) and Kim Heechul (Suju) seems that I like the descendant of “Kim” quite a for Hyun Joong, it is his 4D unique personality – unpredictable, mysterious, blunt, witty and intelligence...the image of him with the combination of humorous and mysterious elements appeals to my taste in ‘namja’..haha...and for Heechul, he is quick and super funny! And of course, I won’t deny another important factor of liking these two is their physical appearance...Both are just so beautiful =) *Wink* cantik mengalahkan orang perempuan..adoyai..

--- > SS501! Well, the reason why I like these 5 boys so much is because they are just so funny together...the Tom & Jerry fight between Park Jung Min & Baby Hyung Jun brings laughter to the atmosphere while the nice Kyu Jong could be mischievous at times...the Prince, Young Saeng is the by nature the quiet one but still able to create loveable moments and with his members, Hyun Joong is his real self...You can’t never see his 100% unique 4D personality at other shows except when he is surrounded by the people that he is comfortable with...and among them are his members in SS501! =)

--- >there are too many to list down every one of it but the ones that keep on playing over and over again on my Vivaz Pro are:

--- > CN Blue – I’m a Loner, Intuition & L.O.V.E GIRL
--- > G.NA – Black & White and I’ll back off so You can Live
--- > SS501 – Love Ya
--- > Beast – Shock
--- > FT Island – Love Love Love
--- > Kim Hyun Joong – Thank You

Basically, my taste is more prominent towards the energetic songs that could pump up my body to dance along the music as listed exception for Hyun Joong’s Thank You...this song just reminds me of the variety show We Got Married that he did with Hwang Bo...I am one of the JoongBo Believers...I think they will be great together although it was awkward in the beginning...

• FAVE MVs – Really love G.NA’s “Black & White”...the chemistry between both G.Na and Jin Woon (2AM) is so sweet...I also love the mischievous things that the girls of 4 Minute do to Jung Shin (CN Blue) in the MV “Heart to Heart”...and another one that I enjoy is Suju’s “Full of Happiness” especially the part for free hugs...hahaha...just imagine if that really happens, wow, I guess the fans would all go crazy!

The sweet chemistry between G.NA & Jin Woon in Black & White

• FAVE OSTs – No. 1’s choice is of course all the AN Jell’s songs from “You’re Beautiful”! the quadruplets are so amazing! This will be followed by Howl “Have I Told” from the drama Playful Kiss

• FAVE DANCES – for this one, Nuruddin won’t like it but I love 2PM’s ‘tukki’ (Rabbit)+shuffle dance in “I’ll Be back” MV (hehe)...the Bad Boy image in SS501 “Love Ya” is also my favourite along with Girl’s Generation famous leg line dance in “OH”

• FAVE VOICES – Yong Hwa’s (CN Blue) husky voice really turns me on! *wink* he is definitely a singer who really can sing! Plus, FT Island’s main vocalist, Lee Honggi...actually, Honggi’s voice is really unique and can’t just be found reminds me of my best mate, Baya’s favourite group Radja *terkenang zaman muda-mudi*...and don’t forget the powerful voices from 4 Minute & 2NE1...these 2 idol girl groups are different than the others because they focus on their voice and music rather than just dancing!

• FAVE VARIETY SHOWS – it’s OH MY SCHOOL! Love every episode of this show but the most well-liked one is the Christmas Special with Heechul in it! The Chocoball Group members are just so hilarious...=)...I also like We Got Married (Ssanghu Couple & Goguma Couple), 2 days 1 Night (oh, Lee Seunggi is really cute in it) and SS501 Idol World (old show)...

• FAVE DRAMAS – the all time favourite is “All About Eve” with Jang Dong Gun and Chea Rim as the lead cast...the rest are “Playful Kiss”, “You’re Beautiful” , “My Girl” and “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”...mostly, the main attraction is the storyline, and another factor is of course the gorgeous heroines and charming heroes! (Hehe..I guess, it’s human’s nature and also human’s fault to always like to see the beauty of everything including “saram”)

See? There are too many things to talk about K-POP world...Do you believe me if I say that I watch almost everything in KBS World including their Documentary (e.g. VJ on the Scene & Screening Humanity) just because I love almost everything about it! I just don’t watch the news – why? Because there is no subtitles and I don’t understand it...but, I believe that if I could speak Hangul, surely I’ll watch that as well....haha...


Well...don’t misjudge me thinking that I am not patriotic towards my own beloved Malaysia! It is just that in the world of entertainment, their products are triple times better than us! I think that Malaysians artistes need to learn more from the Koreans...they are more humble, not that arrogant like some of our local artiste or Diva-like attitude of Bollywood & Hollywood actors...they work really hard to produce good TV shows and good performances... The effort that they put on makes us feel closer to their celebrity...whereas in Malaysia, we feel the distant feeling as if we can’t never reach out to them...

The truth - K-POP world is not only about human, it’s like a product, a business - that’s why their products are more likeable and selling like hot cakes in the market! And for their good quality product, they give us tremendous satisfaction and addiction! That’s why they are able to spread like a giant wave sweeping through Asia and other continents of the world...

Malaysians – learn something from them

--- The End... ---


Zalikha said...

When I'm reading this entry,my essay about Edward Cullen popped into my mind.So this is how it feels to read an entry that's written with huge passion..hehe.deja vu

Anyway,my addiction to Kpop was only 2 weeks =_=".LOL! (and that was the time span of watching you're beautiful and knowing cn blue).Maybe Kpop is really not my taste after all.hehe

huda.othman said...

zalikha - hahaha..yup, that's the feeling when reading about ur addiction to Edward Cullen once upon a time..hehe

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