Thursday, April 1, 2010

SEKSA nya jadi CIKGU...


it has been a while since the last time i wrote in this blog...

actually, i wanted to write so many things but due to time constrain, i was tied up to many never ending works...gosh...time flies..and it seems that nothing has been achieved so far..

--> the HEM files are still incomplete..
--> the English panel files are still unmoved since last january..
-->the students' homework are piling up on my desk...untouched for weeks already..

the result = my a complete mess

what happens? too many programmes to handle at the moment

recently, the HOT news that is fast spreading like fire is the issue of TEACHERS:

**** teachers are being burdened by loads of work (no surprise here, since I've already experienced and talked about this so many times before) - refer to Berita Harian edisi 01/04/2010..front page lagi..

**** but there are also news that condemn the teachers...telling that our complain is irrational & irrelevant because all the extra work that we've been doing now
(i.e. co-curricular & clerical tasks) is a part of our duty...

**** some say that our pay is the 3rd highest after doctor & engineer (it states that the basic salary is RM2500- RM2700 - which is so NOT TRUE) ---> for this article, refer to this link:
(title : mencemburui gaji guru - honestly, what is there to be jealous about?)

but here is the truth:

I DON'T MIND if the extra work is TEACHING (even if I was given 28 periods - solidly used for P &'s still bearable even though it is TIRESOME - because I love spending times with my students)

I DON'T MIND if I have to do the extra classes for the low-achievers (because I believe that I could help them, hoping that with my little help, it will ensure that their future is brighter than ever)

I DON'T MIND working extra hours on certain days (at times, from dawn until midnight especially during the annual events such as English-in-Camp/ Hostel Open Day/ Sports Day / Hari Anugerah Kecemerlangan etc.)...It is still fine even though it means that my feet are swelling from standing & walking for the long day...or when the dark, circle ring will be visible around my eyes - the consequence of lack of sleep for days..and many more...

to do all these...I DO NOT MIND AT ALL...


I DO MIND if I have to spend most of my times doing the clerical work such as completing the files for the Nazir to check (who, rather ALWAYS complain than giving positive feedback or guidelines)...doing these clerical work is time-consuming with meticulous details, sometimes, the irrelevant information etc...I prefer to use this time to do ABM (alat bantu mengajar a.k.a teaching aids) or cracking my head on finding ways how to make sure that my students would understand the grammar lesson/literature component or how to make my students stay awake the whole periods and so on...

THE TRUTH - bukan senang menjadi seorang guru yang berhemah, berkebolehan, berbakat & disegani pelajar mahupun rakan sekerja yang lain..

and for me..I am just an ordinary teacher with nothing special except that:

+++ I have passion in carrying out my duty & responsibility
+++ I love my job so much until I don't think that I can do any other thing except teaching
+++ I have wonderful students who light up my days (and who also 'sakitkan my hati' at times - but still ok)
+++ I am with great company (the teachers of SBPISB who are also my good friends)
+++ Not to be forgotten - my BFFs (aunty aida, baya-chan, ummi yakuza and other IPBArians & fellow Victorians)
+++ the most important of all - MY lovely mom & beloved family members - the Ali's family)

and for all these..I am grateful with this blissful life
and...because of these...


GURU = K.A.M.I = JUTAWAN AKHIRAT (insyaallah...)

---> just finished EiC PMR 2010...

the line up work ---> Kawad kaki peringkat sekolah (tomorow), district level (next wed), Sukantara (19- 24 april), volleyball district tournament (22-24 April), sports day (25 April)..then..ready for the Mid Year examination..

with the list like this...adakah kami (para guru) masih boleh dilabelkan mempunyai banyak ruang masa untuk bersenang-lenang sedangkan untuk makan juga perlu mencuri masa?

AND do you wonder how come i still have time to write this entry? the reality -- i am juggling three different works at this time - i am currently printing about 450++ certificates for tomorrow's marching competition (with school's old printer - believe me, the speed will make the tortoise laugh) while watching the teams doing their practice and writing this journal in between..

gosh...never thought that i could be a multi-tasker & superwoman...


uks :) said...

ngeeee :) teacher~ reading this really made me scared.
i hope ur a bit relieve now that u've spilled it all out (er..not all i guess~)
stay strong, k! ur d BEST, cheerful, lovely n GREAT teacher dat i could ever ask for :)
they used to have GTO, well, i have my own GTH!! (Great Teacher Huda) hehe..
sarangheyo <3

masus10 said...

dear teacher
now i know how tired teacher is
i swear
that u hve gain alotof 'pahala' by being a teacher
ameen inshaallah
miss u lot teacher

masus10 said...

now i know how tired being a teacher
u hve sacrifice a lot
u hve gain alotof 'pahala'
ameen inshaallah

Anonymous said...

salam. I share your pain since the past eleven years. it's funny to read/ hear what the public has to comment on our workload. After all, we will be 'jutawan akhirat', InsyaAllah.

-a teacher too and very proud of it!-

huda.othman said...

ummi - thanks a lot for the award "GTH - great teacher Huda"? that's too extravagant, i the way, it is ALL of U who make me survive with all these stress... u too, take care...can't wait to see u on the 10th april

huda.othman said...

masus 10 - aka azem ,rite? hehe..hopefully, boleh la kot jadik jutawan akhirat? asyik complain & merungut jer..boleh ke masuk syurga ni? hehe..

take care ya..see u soon! =)

huda.othman said...

masus 10 - aka azem ,rite? hehe..hopefully, boleh la kot jadik jutawan akhirat? asyik complain & merungut jer..boleh ke masuk syurga ni? hehe..

take care ya..see u soon! =)

huda.othman said...

to anonymous - it's great to hear an opinion from a teacher too..and yeah..insyallah, we'll be the "jutawan akhirat" ..amin.. proud of being a TEACHER!

Izzati said...

salam teacher huda,
u are the best and most inspiring teacher for me..
[ingt lg mse teacher ngamuk kt kls 5r...huhu..xblh lupe..wee~ =)]
u just never gonna let ur student in frustration..
all ur words i remember everyday teacher..
keep it up teacher..!!
u gonna be the jutawan akhirat teachear..
the best part of u..u always give spirit to me and my friends....
aa...btul ckp teacher..mne ade bnde sng dlm dunia..semua kene susah2 br sng2....
i luv u teacher!!!!!

huda.othman said...

thank you izzati..

hahaha..part dera-mendera (torture) u guys mmg best..kenangan manis la yg pastinya..pastu dapat surat "cinta" hehehe...

miss u guys a lot..really, please do take care of yourself..

always keep in touch ya..

LeYnA @_@ said...

haaa....saya pon akn jadi ckg nanti...
skrg blaja mcm mane nak jadi ckg pon dah penat plus tak ada rehat...
ni pon belum masuk praktikal lagi...tgk senior2 semua xcukup rehat dgn kena buat RPH dgn ABM jugak everyday..uhuhuhu

ezlyni.. said...

salam .. teacher, i know u are strong !! we need u as our teacher. u`re cool! and.. we will always be ur puppet so u`ll have fun livin` HERE. hehe.

huda.othman said...

nazat - students banyak masa la..tue siap bleh pi main bowling lagik tue...hehe

ezlyni - really, being a part of UR WORLD is FUN already...without all of u being 'puppets' pon..i still enjoy going into the class..=)

the wise one

an ordinary teacher teaches.. a good teacher demonstrates.. a great teacher inspires..

the world is like a book...those who don't travel read only one page..
~~St. Augustine ~~