Tuesday, April 6, 2010

the fighter...


Yesterday, in the midst of hustle bustle of the staff room a.k.a "Bilik Guru", (the normal recess chaotic with many students and teachers going in & out) suddenly there were so many noises sprung up..

what were they?

oh yeah..the commotion were the sounds of music from many laptops belonging to different people:

Zali's laptop was playing the "Rock Kapak" songs - among the songs was my favourite "jiwang karat" song entitled (if I am not mistaken) "tangga- tangga menuju bahagia" by Alleycats...hahaha...see? how "jiwang" am I...[kuikuikui]

Kak Mariah's Real Player on the other hand was playing another series of my favourite songs as well - the Nasyid...

listening to these Nasyid tune...all of sudden, the memory with my roommates in IPBA - (with Che Yam, Aunty Aida & Mama Kinah being the coolest and wackiest mates ever) came into my mind...it was playing the images as if I was watching a big screen in the cinema..

the song...the melody...the beautiful lyrics...and the crush I used to have on Tamahome at that time...(haha..there goes my secret - openly revealed & publicly exposed to everyone)

W.A.N.I.T.A (Insan Istimewa) - the title of the song by DeHearty...here is the lyrics that always gives me the tingling sensation whenever the song is on air...

Kau digelar sebagai penyeri dunia
Hadirmu melengkap hubungan manusia
Bukan sahaja dirindui yang biasa

Malah Adam turut sunyi tanpa Hawa

Akalmu senipis bilahan rambut
Tebalkanlah ia dengan limpahan ilmu
Jua hatimu bak kaca yang rapuh
Kuatkanlah ia dengan iman yang teguh

*Tercipta engkau dari rusuk lelaki
Bukan dari kaki untuk dialasi
Bukan dari kepala untuk dijunjung
Tapi dekat di bahu untuk dilindung
Dekat jua di hati untuk dikasihi
Engkaulah wanita hiasan duniawi

**Mana mungkin lahirnya bayangan yang lurus elok
Jika datangnya dari kayu yang bengkok
Begitulah peribadi yang dibentuk

Engkaulah "wanita istimewa"

Didiklah wanita dengan keimanan
Bukannya harta ataupun pujian
Kelak tidak derita mengharap pada yang binasa
Engkaulah wanita istimewa

Sedarilah insan istimewa
Bahawa kelembutan bukan kelemahan
Bukan jua penghinaan dari Tuhan
Bahkan sebagai hiasan kecantikan

how meaningful the lyrics is? It feels like WE (the women) are being appreciated, well loved and taken care for...

somehow, probing the thoughts into this song enlighten me with the universally acknowledge truth that women are physically weak (as compared to men) but...the perseverance, the courage and the determination is as strong as "the man of steel"...it connotes the idea that giving up hope is the last option available in life...

how true is that? To name a few, take the proof from Fatimah Az-Zahra, Sumaiyah, Aisyah RA and the other legendary models of Muslimah...

however...even if the concept is resolute and indomitable, we cannot deny that women also have faults...strong indeed but fragile at the same time...advises and guidance from the men are undeniably indispensable in the process of developing a personality that could be honoured, respected and venerated..

yes..in today's challenging world, we are challenged and pushed beyond our ability to sustain ourselves from being swept away by modernisation...thus, many of us failed the test put on us...

the result - read the headlines of current issues printed on the newspaper...close proximity is common...cohabitation is becoming a norm...in the name of modernisation and the struggle to adjourn ourselves into the 'in' world, we trade in our values along the way...we do not want people to call us conservative hence we put our honourable teachings in jeopardize...

is it that bad?

but remember...we are the WEAK ones even though we are also the strong ones..we have the tendency to be easily lured by temptation and LUST...we are the FORGETFUL ones as well...we forget most of the times...

so please...remind us of our mistakes...educate us for our lack of 'akal'...and lead us to mould our 'iman'..

but please...don't judge us for our imprudence...don't punish us for our idiocy...instead, guide us to the love of Allah..

women...wake up...come to our sense...change ourselves to be the deserving servant of the Almighty and redeem the rewards afterward...

Insyaallah..may all of us will be blessed...ameen...

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Aida Ikmal said...

women are special in many ways.. if only we come to realise that and appreciate ourselves more! :)

miss you, woman! take care ;)

the wise one

an ordinary teacher teaches.. a good teacher demonstrates.. a great teacher inspires..

the world is like a book...those who don't travel read only one page..
~~St. Augustine ~~