Sunday, May 9, 2010

HELICUS - helium circus...

the CLOWN of the day - Hafizul Asyraf

i have been trying to talk about this special event, SBPISB sports day that had been held on the 25th April 2010...however, the Internet server (again) hinders me from doing this..actually, it is because to upload the pictures take a long is testing my patient for many times *sigh*

every year, I have never missed any Sports Day event...and I LOVE so many things about it...from the strating of events (i.e. Sukantara, the planning of the themes for 'Hiasan Khemah'/'Kawad Kaki' etc..)..these things are meticulous, tiring, yet it is fun...we can see students will be anywhere from the 'Bengkel KH' to Music Room til the dorms...papers are everywhere, students are walking faster than usual (in order to meet the deadline) and the teachers...voila...we'll be running here and there managing other duties...

here in this event as well...we can see students' cerativity...sometimes, the end result will be something so unique and so unthinkable ( least for me..)...there will be circus (Helium), the aborigines village (xenon), egypt (kripton) and Hawaian beach (aloha Radon!) wow us, seeing these students working so hard to win! a healthy competition indeed..

this year, I was involved with 'Hiasan Khemah' since there was no more Cheerleading...I admit that I left the students to work on their own at first because I was not in school for many days (Volleyball MSSD was on at the same time)...I didn't see the beginning last, a few days before the event started, then I did have time to have a look at what was going on in Helium...

and...watching each and everyone of them (especially the form 5) worked so hard touched my heart...without even a single teacher's supervision, they were totally independent...they never complained, they were being humble...alas, their work were marvellous..even though there were a few flaws and imperfection but to me, that was good enough... (e.g. the clown head was too big & couldn't stand because it was heavy) is OK to make mistakes because they are still in the process of learning to become great engineers & architects in the future (insyaallah..)... how could you expect the 17 years old students to build perfect miniatures with little budget and incomplete tools? but..Bravo and well-done to Ayin & Zuhairi for their good work...the Helium circus was great!

personally, I think that these kids are incredible...and I am proud with them...and proud to be a part of Helium members..

the end result for marching competition - Helium got no. 2.

in the middle of the process - everyone was tense, but there was somebody who was able to neutralize the situation by cracking spontaneous jokes (to Hafizuddin - thanks for the quirky act...sempat lagi mencapap di saat2 kritikal..hehe)

I like this situation - the committment & the cooperation among the Helium members are evident when they tried to put up the clown face..

special dedication to: Ahli-ahli rumah Helium yang telah bersusah payah menjalankan tanggungjawab & berusaha menghasilkan yang terbaik..

  • (F5 - Afiqah, Amirah, Fatin, Aimi, Farah, Ainaa, Fadilah, Izzaty, Anim, Hazarina, Zuhairi, Ayin, Bob, Zulafifi, Azizudin, Izzat, Ikram, Fitri Aiman, Hafizul, Riyadh,Hanif, Nuruddin dll...maaf kalau teacher tak ingat semua...but I really appreciate your effort & your hard work...)

to the rest of Helium members - remember to always work hard and do your best...and success will be yours...even if you lost, it doesn't mean that it is the end of the doesn't mean that you fail..and NEVER GIVE UP no matter what happens...itu semua hanya ujian utk kita semua..

and to all INTESABER students (the Xenons, Radons, Kriptons)..well done for the great job that you have done...because of all your hard work, the event was beautiful, memorable and Happening! =)

loving and enjoying every second of the moment...=)


LeYnA said...

oh...seronok nya kalau dapat balik sekolah semula..rindu dgn semua program2 best mcm ni..
sya suka..suka..suka,.suka sgt rumah helium!!!!!hehe
miss u teacher huda..=)

الوردة الشوكية said...

Followers teacher semakin ramaiii =)

Izzati said...

g0g0g0g0 helium!!
teacher..doakan sy dpt mara eh..
sy takut la..huhu

N.A.D.. said...

wow! i missed all the meticulous and tiring works~ it was such a good thing 2 remember.. the passion to win, the patient to work and the great and zestful feeling to enjoy the event.. the teachers & students helping each other.. so superb~ sport day in INTESABER is the best ever! :)

huda.othman said...

leyna - rindu sekolah? rindu Helium? hehe..nnt2 dh jadik cikgu, lagi best..btw..helium mmg best pon..hehe

hah - mana bleh lawan follower haruman mawar..hehe..(miss u..can't wait to chit chat wif u again..)

izzati - yeah..that's the Helium spirit that we want...Insyaallah..doa2 banyak2, moga2 dapat mara..semoga tercapai cita-cita..all the best =)

N.A.D - walaupun penat buat kerja tetapi hati tetap bahagia kan? hehe..take care

Zalikha said...

Wow.... i like your post about beauty.yeah,in this current situation,ppl value beauty so much and think tht the mediocre stuff are just props in this world.but then,everyone sees the world with thousands of perceptions,ryt?and of course one man's meat is another man's,i believe tht we will get the best eventually coz the best is always saved for the last.hehe
i would have to admit tht i could get green with envy with my beautiful frens or someone with extraordinary ability.i sometimes lost my own self esteem and think that i have no identity that could distinguish me with anyone else.after reading your post,it's like having barbiturate.hahaha..a booster to be happy with urself.
and i hope ppl won't ask me the same FAQ if i'm not married yet coz it is indeed annoying."one step at a time"..hehehehe

p/s: i believe that your soulmate is very special! and will come one day without anyone noticing it,like my first came when i least expected it and when i'm seventeen!hahahaa..(and sorry for all da shortforms,teachsr!hehe)

the wise one

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