Sunday, May 11, 2014

People talk. People smile. People laugh. People cry. 

These are emotions.

And among the extreme emotion is SHOUTING, SCREAMING or BELLOWING your voice out loud so that the world around you knows and understands your feelings. 

That's exactly what I feel like doing right now. But a sure thing for me to do is doing the other way around. That means NOT TO DO just exactly that. For I believe that letting yourself to be consumed with too much of radical emotion is BAD, in many sense:

i- BAD for your health (imagine the sore throat and migraine that will come afterward - nightmare!

ii- BAD for your beauty (smiling only takes 3 of your muscles to work but frowning takes more than 200 muscles! What's more with screaming! Your beauty sure will degrade tremendously!)

iii-BAD for your image (people will see you as someone who is insane? Worse,  when people assume that I am immature and can't handle my job professionally)

To me, there are MORE bad effects rather than GOOD effects. Sure, I would have felt immediate relief and instant satisfaction. But that's it. No more than that. Instead, to deal with the after effects is more hassle. Changing people's perception towards us is way difficult (usually this will last for months or years) than enduring your feelings alone. Life is about connecting with people (NOKIA has the right tagline), not isolating yourself and segregating people around you. That's why there are concepts of family, friendship, relationship etc. 

Therefore, I believe that being a rationale and mature person is important. You get a bonus if you are wise and knowledgeable too! 

And for all those reasons that I have stated, it's better to keep hold of my emotions, rather than letting it loose. Once, I was very good at it that people used to describe me as INDIFFERENT. I was  good once, why can't I do the same, now?

I'll end this entry with one of my favourite quotes:

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