Monday, March 28, 2011


though the condition is not really well with cracked buildings here and there, feeling as if I am risking my life everytime I come here..You still give me the joyous feelings even though the location is far away from my favourite city in the world, the glorious Kuala Lumpur and even more far away from the lovely hometown of Penang, my presence here is still cherished by many.. although You lack of many things, You also Give many things.. You show me... You give me.. the friends that add genuine joy in life are super fun & understanding in terms of collaboration, team work and also in sharing feelings..(gossipping? opps...haha..) and for that, I am glad.. (dedicated to all teachers in Intesaber) the students who sometimes give the pride and happiness..who always made my days in many events are inspiring and encouraging..supplying me withe the endless energy to keep on running towards the end line..and for that, I am so thankful.. (dedicated to all people who think of Intesaberians as their home & family) there are also students who hate me so much that they refuse to even smile or galnce at my directions...I know that they are hurt whenever I am being harsh with them...and for that, I am sorry for there are times that I couldn't even control my emotions..these people too, teach me things that I never experience before.. there are people who teach me that working hard is part and parcel of the midst of hardship, we should strive to make things work the way we want...never compromise to the harsh world that could make us feel bad (dedicated to Pai and all Pekerja Pembersihan that really work hard to esnure that Intesaber will always look beautiful..) and the people who always give us tasty, great and delicious food..awesome is the only word that could describe it..loving each dish since my first day here.. (dedicated to all pekerja DM yang best) and to those who are related to Intesaber..believe me, You are blessed! =)


aKiRa LiL said...

isk2... ;(
this post reminds me of the FAR FAR AWAY skool....
really damn want to experience the school life in intesaber again...

Anonymous said...

I'll never forget the memories that i've gone through at Intesaber.sekolah ni memang terbaik.

spm 2010.

huda.othman said...

hafizuddin - you are among the people who taught me many things...tq for that..=) i enjoyed my days with u guys a lot! take care of yourself..and keep in touch!

akhiar -, missing the school eh? come back when you have time..

the wise one

an ordinary teacher teaches.. a good teacher demonstrates.. a great teacher inspires..

the world is like a book...those who don't travel read only one page..
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