Thursday, December 2, 2010

when I am not so occupied...

life as you see it...
when you've got too much times in your hands
and you've got to laze around
developing yourself as a couch potato've been blessed
with blissful life..
yet, I am not the one
who is content
to just do nothing
when there should be something
that could be beneficial
out there
something that I could really treasure
indulging myself
devoting my talent
expanding my potential
spreading the goodness
to the universe

uhuks....boringnya cuti panjang..when I was too occupied with loads of things, I grumbled...when I've got tonnes of work, I complaint...yet, when I've got too much free time...I still complaint! am I being ungrateful?

honestly, two weeks of free, leisure time is enough for me...otherwise, I'll turn to be dumb...

as a result of my current state, I have finished watching Syungkyunkwan Scandal - my latest addiction on Korean drama and already rewinding the animax Prince of Tennis (of which, I have seen for countless times --> those Seigaku regulars *Ryoma-kun, Tezuka-kun, Fuji-kun, Momo-kun, Kaidoh-kun, Oishi-kun, Inui-kun, Eiji-kun, Takashi-kun*)

and the obvious one should be this - updating my blog at 2.15 in the morning while everyone else is sleeping soundly..fuh! what a life...

still...this is the life that I love and treasure so much...Thank You Allah...I will learn to appreciate things as they are..


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